Education Abroad

In addition to my research and teaching interests, I have experience in international education and higher education administration. Most recently I was a resident lecturer with The School for Field Studies education abroad program in Bhutan. Prior to focusing on my dissertation research, I developed and led Portland State University’s inaugural program in Dharamsala, India in 2009 and was the co-leader for the University’s first student program in the Mount Everest region of Nepal. Both programs asked students to explore the ways in which culturally and economically marginalized Himalayan communities manage natural resources, negotiate land use, and build sustainable livelihoods in environmentally marginalized places. I have also coordinated education abroad programs at Lewis & Clark College and led post-education abroad seminars on strategies for incorporating experiences abroad into students' home communities.

Education Abroad Leadership Experience 

Resident Lecturer; Himalayan Studies Program, The School for Field Studies, 2016 Bumthang, Bhutan. 


Education Abroad Program Leader and Instructor, Dharamsala, India 2009 “Tibet In Exile”, Portland State University

• Designed, developed, and implemented new faculty-led program 


Education Abroad Assistant Program Leader, Khumbu, Nepal 2009 “Sustainable Tourism in Khumbu, Nepal”, Portland State University

• Assisted in design, development, and implementation of new faculty-led program


Seminar leader, “Study abroad re-entry shock”, bi-annually workshop, Linfield College 2005-2007

• Designed and presented seminar on strategies for incorporating education abroad experiences into curriculum, community, and service to returning education abroad students